BHP Port Kembla

AIRA was commissioned with two tasks at BHP steel works.

Firstly, AIRA technicians were required to inspect the stock house bins for wall thickness issues due to the stock eroding the bin wall.

What was initially a three-day exercise, involving scaffolding, NDT technicians, plant managers, rescue standby and a multitude of other staff, AIRA was able to reduce this time frame down to 12 hours. Our technicians abseiled into the confined space and assisted in escorting a NDT technician with specialised skills into the space. 

AIRA technicians carried out the preparation of the internal wall areas as the NDT technician followed along carrying out UT testing and collecting replicas. AIRA was responsible for all aspects of accessing the space and carrying out air sampling. Once the testing was completed, AIRA extracted both rope access and NDT technicians from the space using simple hauling techniques utilising powered ascenders and back up devices.

Once repairs had been carried out to the 20mm thick bin walls, AIRA was engaged to prepare and paint the external surfaces that had been replaced.


Due to the success of this initial task, AIRA was also asked to become involved in the Cryogenics plant shut down.

Initially AIRA was asked to find the cause of a leak in the plant that was affecting operating temperatures. Once this process was completed our technicians also assisted in the setting up of fall from height systems in the confined space and rescue services if a rescue became necessary. Working with Transfield engineers and overseas experts, AIRA successfully assisted in the repair of the leaking tube and we were the first team to enter a commissioned Cryogenics main condenser unit in the world. We achieved this over a three week, 24 hours a day shutdown involving over 25 engineers, riggers, welders and rope access personal with zero injuries or lost time.

Insurance & Compliance

Zero Accidents! Zero Injuries! Zero dangerous occurrences! AIRA can assist you with all of your works, access & height safety requirements.

Rope Access Training

The IRATA certified Instructors & an Irata auditor within the team, ensures that AIRA leads the industry with the latest rope access knowledge and expertise.


One company that supplies the access, trade skills, OH&S & documentation gives the client peace of mind. AIRA hold Irata trainer & operational member status and compliant to 9001 & 4801