Brick Pitt, Homebush Bay

The brick pitt ring is the site of an old quarry. During the Homebush Bay development for the 2000 Olympics the rare, Green & Golden Bell frog was found to inhabit this old quarry site.

As part of the conservation of this area, an elevated steel walkway was constructed in the quarry for tourists to the area to enjoy the surroundings.

During the early part of 2012, AIRA was commissioned to inspect all structural elements of the walkway and replace any missing bolts and realign any poorly aligned steel members.

After extensive planning in this ecologically sensitive area, AIRA carried out the inspection and replacement of all bolts and tightening of any loose bolts. 

No environmental, OH&S or quality incidents happened whilst AIRA were on site and all works completed within the time frame and under budget.

In addition to these works, AIRA also carried out an assessment of the steel and coating to future plan and budget for the ongoing upkeep and usability of the site.

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