Prominent Sky Sign

AIRA carried out all the refurbishment of the old Hyundai sign on top of Northpoint in North Sydney.

Using large 10 x 15mm safety nets draped over the sign, AIRA technicians removed all lettering, cabling, fixings, louvres, purlins and structural steel from the building facade. The structural steel was painted and replaced onto the facade with new 60kN tested anchors. New purlins were installed and louvres mounted onto the purlins.

The task involved the use of the safety nets as a precaution against dropping of any rivets, nut or bolts onto the street level, some 40 floors below. Our Level 3 technicians used this as an exercise to set up a tram way to trolley the steel members back, forth, up and down. 

Once finished a separate contractor was engaged to install the new Panasonic lettering and lighting. During this process AIRA repeated our task on the northern facade utilising the same techniques. 

Wind and weather were a constant management issue but using some clever yet basic skills, AIRA supervising staff were able to bring the job in on budget, under time but more importantly without a single occurrence of dropped materials. Not a single rivet escaped the confines of the net, a testament to AIRA's commitment to safety.

Insurance & Compliance

Zero Accidents! Zero Injuries! Zero dangerous occurrences! AIRA can assist you with all of your works, access & height safety requirements.

Rope Access Training

The IRATA certified Instructors & an Irata auditor within the team, ensures that AIRA leads the industry with the latest rope access knowledge and expertise.


One company that supplies the access, trade skills, OH&S & documentation gives the client peace of mind. AIRA hold Irata trainer & operational member status and compliant to 9001 & 4801