Wet N Wild Sydney

The Skycoatser at Wet N Wild Sydney is the largest in the southern Hemisphere. Requiring weekly structural inspections, AIRA was the go to team of professionals. AIRA supplies an IRATA trained and supervised team of technicians with relevant rigging qualifications as per the WH&S act.

Standing 75 metres above the ground AIRA inspects the structural components, top attachment points for 4 flight wires & 2 counterweight wires, structural components of the launch towers and launch cable components on a rolling weekly basis that is repeatable every month. Each inspection visit is carried out between the hours of 0600 and 0930 requiring 2 technicians to climb each side of the 75 metre flight tower and also the 75 metre launch tower.

Having identified other areas of access difficulty, Wet n Wild engage AIRA on an ad hoc basis to also carry out basic plumbing and electrical works on several other rides within the Wet n Wild complex. Having suitably qualified trades people with IRATA qualifications, allows AIRA to provide a complete service for the Wet n Wild complex to maintain a serviceable and enjoyable theme park for the Sydney area.

Having serviced the Skycoaster, 2 AIRA technicians then undertook a tandem flight of this ride to demonstrate our commitment to the service offered. AIRA thoroughly encourages anyone with the inclination to take the "Plunge". The Skycoaster is an awesome ride and well worth the trip to Wet n Wild.

Insurance & Compliance

Zero Accidents! Zero Injuries! Zero dangerous occurrences! AIRA can assist you with all of your works, access & height safety requirements.

Rope Access Training

The IRATA certified Instructors & an Irata auditor within the team, ensures that AIRA leads the industry with the latest rope access knowledge and expertise.


One company that supplies the access, trade skills, OH&S & documentation gives the client peace of mind. AIRA hold Irata trainer & operational member status and compliant to 9001 & 4801